A bit about me

I’m responsible for Internal Communications at The Stars Group, owners of PokerStars, the biggest brand in online poker in the world and Sky Betting & Gaming, the largest digital sports betting company in the UK. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own personal views and not those of The Stars Group. The same applies to all of my contributions to online discussions on the blogs of others and to anything I say anywhere else online, including but not limited to Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Empire Avenue and Facebook.

My working life is dominated by Internal Communications, which I firmly believe holds the key to unlocking spectacular enterprise performance.

Why? Because Internal Communications is all about creating a climate inside an organisation where the major factors that influence employee engagement can thrive: respect, trust, openness and recognition. For me Internal Communications represents the conscience and the consciousness of the company.

Left to their own devices, most senior management teams are too busy trying to make money to devote enough time and energy to what many see as the soft and fluffy stuff. And in my experience it tends to be the job of Internal Communications to paper over the inevitable cracks as they appear and continually push the people agenda so that the cracks stop appearing and more and more people start bringing their whole selves to work every morning.

I am particularly interested in what I see as the inevitable convergence of internal and external communications, brought on by the explosive growth of social media.

My non-working life is also dominated by this stuff – as well as a wonderful wife, two amazing daughters and a love of sport, gambling, poker, cooking, Fulham Football Club, Split Enz, Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy.

I use this blog to expand on things that grab me. It tends to be work related as I live to work and love what I do. Sometimes it may get personal, because as time goes on I find the lines between work and play getting more and more blurred.

And I like it like that because I’m not a nine to fiver.