This page contains links to my own contributions to other people’s discussions. It’s purely for my benefit so I don’t lose track of them, however feel free to check them out if you wish.

11 June 2009: How Twitter has increased engagement @ Virgin Media

23 July 2009: Virgin Media, Twitter and improved customer service

6 January 2010: Is social networking at work good for employee engagement?

8 January 2010: Questioning Engagement – things to think about

26 January 2010: From Employee Engagement to Enterprise re-engagement

29 January 2010: How often should engagement be measured?

23 March 2010: Who should control social media within a company?

6 April 2010: Getting the Measurement Mad out of the Institution

19 April 2010: Top tips for communicators

22 April 2010: The convergence of Knowledge management and Internal Communications

11 May 2010: Brand Wagon

26 May 2010: Who builds and drives employee engagement?

08 Aug 2010: The Stockholm Accords: Not radical but revolutionary

12 Aug 2010: Truth in Comms

21 Sep 2010: Twitter IS Internal Communications

31 Jan 2011: Your flexible friend

11 Feb 2011: The challenge for Internal Comms in the Social Enterprise

30 March 2011: Engaged? Let’s get married

5 April 2011: QR codes: marketing objectives first, tech second

12 April 2011: Internal Communications is like a cereal box

16 May 2011: Social Media is a fad

20 May 2011: Five curation opportunities for employee communications

1 June 2011: The Internal Super Injunction

1 June 2011: Somebody set internal communication back 30 years. But it wasn’t me.

15 June 2011: Employers fail to tackle ‘deadwood’

20 June 2011: Social at Work

12 July 2011: Worplace communications during a crisis

20 July 2011:  The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple

27 July 2011: That tweet just doomed your Wall Street career

10 October 2011: Engage employees using customer service tactics

10 November 2011: How to build a crappy workforce

14 November 2011: Social Media Hysteria

12 December 2011: Gary Chaplin’s email blunder

5 January 2012: Give your employees unlimited vacation days

02 February 2012: Get your employees engaged

20 February 2012: Why we use social media in our personal lives – but not for work

29 May 2012: Gamification: engagement nirvana or emperor’s new clothes?

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