Get a grip!

I don’t get it. Why would an intelligent adult go to the time, effort and cost of turning out at Wembley to watch their country play in an international friendly football match and feel compelled to boo John Terry before he has even kicked a ball?

The figures suggest that that 45% of women and 55% of men have been guilty of committing adultery. Given that these are the ones who have admitted to it or have been caught, I’d guess that the real numbers must be even higher.

I’ve had a belly full of ‘holier than thou’ phone-in show callers and journalists banging on about how John Terry has let down his club and country.

Only one person on this earth really knows the extent to which his behaviour is worthy of reproach. Who are we to boo the man when we have no knowledge whatsoever of what really went on. I don’t dispute that he had an affair with a single woman whilst married.

But hang on a minute. So did Bill Clinton. So did Prince Charles. So did John Prescott. And Hugh Grant, Tiger Woods, Jude Law, Gordon Ramsey, Chris Tarrant, and Brad Pitt. Not to mention Sven Goran Eriksson (OK he was not married), Gary Lineker, Ashley Cole and of course David Beckham, who incidentally attracted nothing but cheers as he ran the line warming up last night.

I think you get my drift. 

I’m not condoning adultery. But is it really something that should force England’s captain marvel to step down? 

Get a grip people!

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