No going back

Can you imagine popping into your local bakery to pick up a baguette and after learning that they have sold out you find your exit blocked by a couple of bouncers who refuse to let you leave the shop without making a purchase?

It’s not going to happen.

So why on earth do some websites think that adding a bit of JavaScript to their homepage to prevent you from using your browser’s back button to leave their site is a good idea?

Hell has more chance of freezing over before I will ever intentionally re-visit a website that deliberately thinks that this is a legitimate way to encourage visitors to spend more time with them.

3 thoughts on “No going back

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve never really understood the legit sites that do this. It’s one thing to expect it from a spammy site, but not from [previously] respected brands.

  2. I did think about publishing a list of the worst offenders but found myself so irritated by the experience after checking the links I didn’t want to impose it on anyone.

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