Taking the piss out of Social Media

Through the medium of piss, the essence of each Social Media website listed below has been captured concisely and with varying degrees of accuracy.

The list was inspired by numerous tweets doing the rounds over the last few days, none of which ventured beyond LinkedIn.

I guess it was quite funny up to that point and then I had to go and spoil it.

Mind you, I am quite proud of the Wikileaks entry!

Have I missed any?

Twitter: I need to pee.
Facebook: I peed!
Foursquare: I’m peeing here.
Quora: Why am I peeing?
Youtube: Watch this pee!
LinkedIn: I pee extremely well.
MySpace: Peeeee, maybe the face I can’t forget…
iTunes: Download the single for just 79p.
Bebo: Mummy I need a pee pee…
Urbanspoon: The pea soup was to die for.
Wikipedia: I just passed a liquid by-product of my body, which was secreted by my kidneys through a process called urination and excreted through my urethral passage.


I just peed my pants…

Let’s all pee in a circle!


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