I’m a frequent flyer, and as a consequence of international aviation law and my lily-livered British tendency to comply with silly rules, I tend to browse through the in-flight magazine until the seatbelt sign goes out. I’d love to know the real reason why I am forbidden from reading my Kindle, but that’s another story.

Anyway, that’s why I came across an astonishing example of corporate puffery this evening. You know the stuff. Bland and meaningless tosh used by corporate communicators the world over to fill a bit of space when they have nothing really to say.

Here is the offending piece, which is part of the welcome page inside the front cover, written (well, signed at least) by the airline’s Managing Director:

“With the new year fast approaching, I would like to share with you the news that throughout 2012 we will be announcing a number of new initiatives. These will ensure that we continue to making flying with us the quickest, most comfortable and best-value way to travel across Europe.”

He then moves on, swiftly changing the subject, leaving me in such a state that I felt compelled to  whip out my laptop and write my first ever airborne blog.

Quite how the intention to announce news of news next year can constitute news today is beyond me.

But what is worse – corporate puff or marketing bull?

2 thoughts on “Puffery

  1. Gidmeister says:

    Did you expect him to talk about how it makes zero difference if you switch your phone off during a flight or stop listening to your iPod (other music listening devices are available)? The only thing I ever got listening to my music during take off and landing war earache from the trolley-dolly.

  2. It would have been far more interesting! I think the only reason they make you turn off your mobile/laptop/kindle/whatever for take-off and landing is because it forces you to read the in-flight magazine and thereby protect their advertising revenue. No other reason makes any sense…

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