New Brand Tribalism

I am a sucker for a good brand and follow many. Given the affinity I feel with many, what I find irrational is that despite a strong bond with a brand, it only takes one small act of poor customer service and the love affair is all over.

All except one. What is it about football clubs? They make so little effort to create and maintain a community – because they don’t need to. I have suffered brutally poor customer service over the last 34 years from Fulham FC but do my feelings diminish? Never!

For me it illustrates the absolute strength of authentic long term emotionally based relationships. Emotions are far more powerful for some of us than reason and logic, and the emotional commitment a football fan has generally creates a virtually unbreakable bond that most commercial brands would die for.

I’m going to return to this when I’ve had a bit more time to think about it. I’m thinking New Brand Tribalism…..


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