Read rage

I’m a bit of a foodie. I love cooking and cookery. My mother recommended reading AA Gill’s recent review in the Times of Heston’s Pub in Bray, the Hind’s Head. She knew I’d be interested as she and I went to The Fat Duck last year for lunch.

I was not impressed with Mr Gill’s review. Not because he did not have anything good to say about the food. More because he had nothing good to say about anything or anybody – and after reading for 5 minutes he still had not began to review the Pub. I felt cheated and angry. He was wasting my time – so much so that I felt compelled to register with the Times online simply so I could tell him what I thought about his review.

And just In case my comment disappears, here it is, recorded for posterity to remind myself of the day I suffered from read rage:

Jon Weedon wrote:

“The room was packed with happy once-or-twice-a-year diners taking out their in-laws and new pullies. They were jolly and full of good cheer.”  Not everyone can afford the time or the money to eat out every day you rude man – and thank God when they do they at least allow themselves the possibility of having a good time. Pretentious claptrap so full of irrelevant smug self righteousness its put me right off my bacon and egg sarnie.
January 12, 2010 9:51 AM GMT

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